Like most members of the workforce, you worked hard to put yourself in a position to be considered for a promotion, but when that promotion finally arrives, how can you be sure you’re truly ready for it?

It’s common for companies in Fort Collins to promote from within, but just because you killed it at your former position doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re prepared for the extra challenges that come along with a leadership position.

Leadership training from Front Range Community College Workforce Development center ensures that you are adequately prepared to elevate your career for many years to come.

Why Invest In Leadership Training?

Managers, supervisors, and executives are expected to perform many different job functions. In addition to their own personal responsibilities, they also have to manage the expectations and responsibilities of those below them on the corporate ladder.

What You’ll Gain From Leadership Training At FRCC

Our leadership training courses will teach you how to gain and maintain respect as a leader, especially important if you were promoted from a pool of your peers. You’ll also learn how to set and review performance expectations, manage your time and the time of others effectively, and keep your team motivated so that you can all experience success.

Enroll In Our Leadership Training Development Program Now!

Unlike many other leadership training courses in Fort Collins, the FRCC development program only requires one day a week, for four weeks. Four days is a small investment to make so that you can feel confident in a leadership position.

Contact the Workforce Development Center at Front Range Community College to learn about upcoming leadership training course dates and locations.