The Medical Coding Bootcamp is a fast-paced, online medical coding course that provides students with a firm foundation in medical coding training in just 21 weeks. This medical coding training course is ideal for students who want to join the medical coding industry as rapidly as possible. If you’re the type of student who thrives in a self-paced environment, this is the medical coding training course for you.


This is a self-paced course that typically takes students 21 weeks to complete.
  • Fundamentals of ICD­10­CM Coding  – 60 hours (6 Weeks)
  • Outpatient Coding (CPT­4/HCPCS) – 60 hrs (6 weeks)
  • Advanced Outpatient Coding­ Closing the Loop 30 hrs – (3 weeks)
  • Inpatient Coding 60 hrs –  (6 weeks)


Self-paced, instructor-assisted online course


Learn to become a medical coder in this comprehensive instructor-­led online course, which provides self-­paced coding theory combined with over 100 hours of applied practice. By immediately applying theory, students are better prepared to enter into an entry-­level coding position. Medical Coding Fundamentals is an instructor-­led online course that contains four modules. All four modules are completed in a self-paced,  21 week timeline.


Individuals with medical experience wanting to move into the field of medical coding or enhance their existing medical coding skills. Students must have knowledge in medical terminology and anatomy & physiology to enter these courses.


A background in medical terminology and anatomy & physiology along with two years of healthcare training or experience are prerequisites to the Medical Coding Bootcamp course.


Module 1: Fundamentals of ICD­10­CM Coding
  • Introduction to Coding Systems and Processes
  • Principles of Diagnostic Coding: ICD­10­CM
  • Application of Official ICD Coding Guidelines with scenarios

Module 2: Outpatient Coding CPT/HCPCS

  • Introduction to CPT­4/HCPCS Code Sets
  • Principles of Outpatient and Physician procedure coding
  • Application of Outpatient Guidelines with scenarios

Module 3: Advanced Outpatient Coding­ Closing the Loop

  • Coding impact on reimbursement systems and legal issues
  • Outpatient Coding: Case Studies for various outpatient settings
  • Introduction to Encoder Pro

Module 4: Inpatient Coding

  • Introduction to Inpatient Coding: Principal Dx, impact on DRG and Quality
  • Introduction to Inpatient Procedure Coding: ICD­-10 PCS
  • Application of Inpatient Guidelines with scenarios and case studies for ICD­-10


  • Tuition for the 21­week course is $1,995 paid in full or $479/month for 5 months.
  • Textbooks are an additional cost, estimated at $300


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