WebLab was created in 2013 as a result of the increasing market demand for Web Developers.  The Workforce Solutions team at Front Range Community College partnered with leading web development firms and experts to develop a series of boot camps.  The original courses included a Frontend and Backend Boot Camp and several shorter, targeted Sprint courses.

WebLab is continually upgrading the courses and content based upon rapidly changing technology, business demand and individual learning preferences.  Today, WebLab courses are offered in a virtual environment allowing students the flexibility to learn when it fits their schedule, with learning plans that are targeted to the their specific learning style.  This format allows students to incorporate real-life experience and projects.

It’s our mission to continue to prepare individuals to take advantage of these on-going, growing job opportunities and to continue to close the skill gap for businesses.


The Node.js 3-month boot camp is fast and efficient.  It’s offered online and you may join anytime it fits your life and schedule!  The boot camp includes weekly individual coaching calls with a senior developer who will help you fast-track your learning.  Together, we’ll focus on your needs and solve your problems so you learn and impletment Node.js into a project that is relevant to you and your work.  The best part is you’ll build a web application with Node.js!



This interactive programming course is designed to help students become frontend developers. During the course of this boot camp, aspiring developers will get hands-on experience with frontend languages that are extremely attractive to future employers, including CSS, HTML, and Javascript. It’s recommended that you have at least some experience with Information Technology or a strong foundation of self-taught web development skills before enrolling in this programming course. This course is offered online with one-on-one expert coaching assistance.


The following organizations were instrumental in the creation and ongoing support of WebLab.

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