Learn Node.js in a fast and efficient way – online and when it fits into your life and schedule!

Why jump into the Node.js Boot Camp?

Learn Node.js in a fast and efficient way – online and when it fits into your life and schedule! The Node.js boot camp is offered individually or in groups.  Both options include expert coaching.  Together, we’ll focus on your needs and solve your problems so you learn and implement Node.js into a project that is relevant to you and your work.  The best part is you’ll have a responsive web application built with Node.js at the end of the 3-month boot camp!


The next group begins December 12th (group camps are limited to 10 students)

If you are interested in the individual Boot Camp, you may begin anytime you’re ready!

The course duration is 12 weeks


This boot camp is offered virtually using online tools and resources combined with individual or team coaching depending upon which option you choose.


  • Build a responsive web application with Node.js in 3 months
  • Build a RESTful web API
  • Use command line applications to setup, manage, and test your project
  • Use the Express.js web framework
  • Add user authentication to your application with Express and SQL
  • Build a CRUD interface for a model
  • Deploy a Node application to Heroku


The Node.js Bootcamp is perfect for you if:
  • Have graduated from the WebLab Front End Boot Camp or something similar.
  • Are Familiar with CSS, HTML and JavaScript (browser)
  • Understand Node.js basics
  • Understand HTTP basics
  • Understand looping
  • Understand conditionals
  • Understand basic functionals
  • Possess the ability to troubleshoot and solve problems
  • Are familiar with using git for source control


  • Q: What time commitment is required?
    A: 3 Months and typically an average of 10 hours per week
  • Q: How often is the Boot Camp offered?
    A: New groups start every month!  If you are a business and have at least 5 students, you may begin anytime.  If you are interested in the personal coaching bootcamp, you may begin anytime.
  • Q: What resources are required for this course?
    A: You will need a Treehouse account and a Github account.
  • Q: Who are the coaches?
    A: We have hand-picked the best coaches for you. They developed the boot camp as well!  For example, we might pair you up with Ryan Chichirico, Sr. Software Engineering Manager at NetApp SolidFire or David Jones, Chief Product Officer at Madwire / Marketing360, to name a few.
  • Q: When and how do I meet with my coach?
    A: Individuals will meet with your coach virtually (through a video or voice call).  Coaching sessions are typically scheduled in the evening hours as our coaches are working full time in the industry.
  • A:  Teams receive expert coaching  and are supported by others on the team.  Team members are invited to a private Slack workspace they may ask questions with other team members..  In addition, members have access to regular group coaching sessions with one of our Node.js coaching experts so they never get stuck as they learn something new.


  • Tuition for the  Individual Node.js Boot Camp is $3,495
  • Tuition for the Group Node.js Camp is $1595


 We are always accepting applications